T12t started as a meetup group in 2013. Back then it was all about having meetups but now we have grown into something that could be called a network, although our meetups are still central. The ones taking care of t12t today are Ida Franceen, Hampus Sethfors, Pär Lannerö, and Erik Gustafsson.

Nowadays we are trying to organize four meetups a year. We have meetups in both English and Swedish. We choose language depending on who we work together with, who our speakers are etc. Our meetups are always free of charge!

Find us at as t12t - Stockholm.

Next meetup

We are in the process of planning our next meetup which will take place i May 2021. To get notified of exact date and time make sure you join our meetup group!

Previous meetup

Our last meetup was on September 23rd, the same day as the Web Accessibility Directive went into effect.

You can find the live video on our Youtube channel. More info on speakers and subjects can be found on our meetup page.

Safety and inclusion

We have a Code of Conduct that we expect everyone to follow on our events but also in other channels.

Speaking and hosting

We are always looking for new interesting topics. If you would like to speak or if you just have something that you would like to hear more about please get in touch!

We are also looking for companies and organisations who would like to work together with us when it comes to putting together an event. It could be that you have a space we can use, you are able to provide food and/or drinks or you would like to help out with the captions for the videos. Contact us if you would like to work together!